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The PC Engine Duo is a fourth-generation video game console developed by NEC Home Electronics and Hudson Soft. The Japanese game console released in September 1991, followed in October 1992 in the North American market but named TurboDuo.




Almost all of the “Duo” consoles suffer from failing capacitors. It is recommended that you do a full capacitor replacement on all Duo consoles, as even if it is still working, leaking caps could be slowly damaging your motherboard! Unless you’ve done something like this before, it is recommended to have a modding services do it for you, as it is easy to damage your console. Jason from Game-Tech has a video that shows a cool trick to make the capacitor replacement easier.

GameTechUS recapping a Trubo Duo


Flash carts

Turbo EverDrive v2.5

Can be purchased from RetroTowers here.